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The latest Stable build can be found on our Continuous Integration server The QA process for Edge is the Click on the most recent file. Since FitNesse is a wiki web server, it has a very low entry and learning curve, which makes it an excellent tool to collaborate with, for example, business. FitNesse requires Java 7 now (#, #); New autocomplete feature for the .. Replace dependency on json with the latest published json artifact.

FitNesse is a web server, a wiki and an automated testing tool for software. It is based on Ward . nature, is a heavyweight construct. These considerations have prompted the FitNesse team in recent years to move to the SLIM testing engine. The fully integrated standalone wiki, and acceptance testing framework. License, CPAL CPL Used By, 63 artifacts · Central (28) · Clojars (1) · Spring. Download FitNesse for free. The fully integrated FitNesse Web Site *Inactive* See for the latest version.

The Fitnesse Grails plugin provides a bridge between Fitnesse and Grails. JUnit Test Reports implemented; Included latest Fitnesse. FitNesse installation for test/fixture developers containing: the fixture (Maven should find the latest version of the archetype automatically, but it doesn't always. ). Release of the project contains the latest FitNesse () and Latest hsac-plugin (supporting generation of random Dutch license plates). I am trying to setup external symbolic links using environment variables in Fitnesse. An environmental variable is set as shown here in the page.