As 400 ppt download

As 400 ppt

The IBM AS/ A technical introduction Tom Van Looy [email protected] August Copyright Suggestion: print out PP and use as basis for notes. A memory As a student you can get a free copy of Office This is the . Introduction to the AS/ AS/ Mid-Range Operating System. AS/ Market Niche. IBM Midrange computer that bridges the gap between Mainframes and.

What is an AS/? • IBM's “Application System”/ • Multi-user, multi-tasking • Is most often used by a company to run their daily business transactions • Can. AS/(APPLICATION SOFTWARE) The AS/ - formally renamed the "IBM iSeries," but still commonly known as AS/ - is a midrange server designed for . Many concurrent user. – Primary using integer arithmetic, string comparison updates and inserts. – Applications perform many calls to OS for services, such as.

Windows , Windows 95, Windows NT, OSF/Motif,. Presentation Manager, Macintosh. ABAP/4, C, C++. DB2/ OS/ Windows ' OS/2. IBM. AS/ /QIBM/ProdData/Java/ An absolute path name begins with '/'. Also known as the "full path name“ or “fully qualified path name”. '/' represents the. aka AS/, iSeries, System i5. Coding Free All 55 (V5R4) supported free format operations are supported, as well as all 76 built-in functions. The fixed format. 2 AS System AS system includes Sales ordering (Sales Confirmation) Order Details (IO Heading) BOM (Bill of Materials) Materials ordering.